provided by  as the special battery for the competition, and achieved the second place. Now that Hyperloop is launching in the new season, the Dutch team also said that the new season will continue to cooperate fully with GREPOW. With the GREPOW high-powered battery, we still provide them with upgraded batteries, and look forward to this time.

Competition tunnel

The GREPOW high-rate batteries reappeared in the eyes of the major teams, and the SwissSwiss University team from Switzerland also selected our high rate battery. This means that the GREPOW cell is moving towards internationalization and specialization.

Grepow battery for Hyperloop

You may not know that the Hyperloop event specifies the requirements of the dedicated machine. The endurance, equipment stability, frame rate fluctuation control, temperature control, network stability, precision operation, etc. all need to reach extremely high standards.


And our GREPOW battery can become the special battery for the Hyperloop team, and more of it is based on its powerful hardware configuration and special optimization for power.


This time, GREPOW teamed up with the Hyperloop team to rely on excellent product quality and a more appropriate brand philosophy. These reasons made our cooperation come true. Nowadays, the overall better GREPOW high-rate battery is in the world. I wonder if it will become the “new weapon” of Hyperloop professional players again? Let us wait and see!


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